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Web Development and Mobile Dev

We provide Web Development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). That is why we provide you with a team of experienced SEO gurus who go beyond basic keyword targeting. We carefully research to identify the most successful search keywords for your business to generate the best leads and sales conversions.

Develop modern Mobile application, including games and productivity tools.  

  • TipC - this is an app for Windows 8 that quickly calculate tip for a bill.

  • Balun - this an excellent game on Window 8.

  • 2pairmemory - the following are memory card games on Window 8.

  • mem4p 


We also provide support for developed mobile games/tools in the appStore.  For any questions, please email us.

Cloud hosting on Azure (PAAS)

Office 365 SAAS

We partner with Microsoft to offer Office 365 Software As A Service (SAAS).  Office 365 is the online office suite that you grow up with.  We specialize in SharePoint 2010/2007 proof of concept and implementations.  For more information go to

SharePoint 2010 Skin

We can provide you with a SharePoint skin template that you can install on your SharePoint site.  Click Here to get a free skin.

Azure is now a Platform As A Service (PAAS).  We can create your servers in the cloud saving you time and money.  No more buying hardware and software. We can maintain and update the servers for you so you can focus on your core business.

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